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Unique Family Connections 

Our programs are designed to empower, educate and increase the access to resources for individuals and families who are struggling to cope with a variety life issues that can include but not limited to personal and community support and  significant health concerns. 

While our primary goal to focus on reducing the disruption for a family due to life challenges and/or chronic diseases we recognize the importance, relevance and value  of supporting the entire family in order to maintain a healthy home and community. 

We have developed programs to ensure the children in the family have the support to build a strong academic foundation. And that parents also are given opportunities to be supported as well as they work to be strong advocates for their children.  We also offer workshops focused on building cohesive healthy communities.

Happy Family

This is a Parenting Program focused on educating and supporting parents as they become advocates and support for their children's education.

EMC2 Mentoring 

This is an Youth Education Mentoring Program. Students in the 1st through 5th grades work with Community Volunteers  as they focus on basic educational skills.

Volunteers at Food Bank
In the Classroom

Unique Community Conversations

If you are interested in participating in conversations about current events, healthier living or better ways to engage community partners, please sign up so we can connect you to the right group leader.

Volunteer Opportunities

More Information to Come Soon

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